Abortion Under Siege: A Statement on the Capitol Attack

When MAGA fash invaded the Capitol last week, abortion clinic workers were able to put names to faces as fast as anyone. This is because abortion clinics have been besieged by these people since Trump’s election. While anti-abortion protesters have been militant and violent for decades, Trump marked the beginning of a significant surge. They’re … Read more

Anti-Abortion Harassers Block Clinic Doors

Clinic defense outside the Planned Parenthood in Soho on June 20, 2020, during the height of Black Lives Matter protests. Anti-abortion activists wore “Babies Lives Matter” shirts and physically blocked the clinic doors (video).

FTP Is Repro Justice

The recent and highly publicized killing of George Floyd has evoked mass social protests against racist policing. We understand racist police violence to be a permanent feature of police as we know it. We understand that gendered police violence, both sexual and domestic, are also a permanent feature.

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