FTP is Repro Justice

The recent and highly publicized killing of George Floyd has evoked mass social protests against the racialized effects of policing. We understand racialized police violence to be a permanent feature of police as we know it. We understand that gendered police violence, both sexual and domestic are also a permanent feature.

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Defend Your Clinics

It’s time for an abortion rights movement that’s not directed from the top-down by the Democratic Party and big nonprofits. Clinic defense is a crucial part of that mass, democratic, and militant movement.

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We write a newsletter

Archives Check out the archives of our beloved newsletter: 1/18/2019 – 3 or 4 of our closest feminist friends 11/16/2018 – The jig is up 10/26/2018 – Turn the evil tides 10/05/2018 – Swimming in patriarchal logic and not drowning 09/04/2018 – Should we mostly talk about abortion at a rally about abortion? 08/17/2018 – There’s not another savior … Read more