NYC for Abortion Rights

We are a coalition of individuals who believe NYC needs an unapologetic grassroots movement ready to fight for full abortion rights and reproductive justice.

With the anti-choicers further emboldened by the Trump Administration, we now face the real possibility of losing what is left of our access to safe and legal abortion. We won’t stand for it, and we absolutely WON’T GO BACK to the days of back alley abortions. The approach of non-confrontation which many feminist organizations have pursued in response to this onslaught has unfortunately been a failing strategy. Now, more than ever, we need a fighting grassroots movement.


We Assert

  • A free and equal society MUST begin with FULL ABORTION RIGHTS. We must have full autonomy over our bodies and medical decisions and giving birth must be a voluntary decision.
  • We want FREE AND LEGAL ABORTION ON DEMAND, no legal restrictions, no parental consent forms, no waiting periods, no 20-week bans, no economic or racial barriers to access.
    No apologies.
  • Politicians and NGOs might at times be allies, but winning full abortion rights NECESSITATES A FIGHTING GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT that democratically makes decisions about political tactics, responses, and demands, independent of parties, NGOs, and lobbyists.

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