About Fidelis Moscinski & Witness for Life

For years, Fidelis Moscinski has led the Archdiocese of New York’s controversial Witness for Life program, which has recently expanded to Brooklyn, hosted by Saint Paul’s Church in Cobble Hill.

On the second Saturday of every month Fidelis leads anti-abortion churchgoers to stand in front of Planned Parenthood to intimidate patients by praying, holding offensive signs, and engaging in “sidewalk counseling” to coerce patients into changing their minds about getting an abortion.

Fidelis’s group claims to be peaceful, but we’ve seen them engage in violence against counter-protestors and abortion activists. They even wear pink vests to impersonate Planned Parenthood clinic escorts, tricking patients into talking to them.

Fidelis himself has been arrested at least nine times in the past few years for invading abortion clinics around the country as part of the Red Rose Rescue movement, an extension of the extremist anti-abortion movement of the late 1980s and early ’90s.

This harassment outside of abortion clinics is tied to a belief system that denies pregnant people’s bodily autonomy, using coercion, shame, and intimidation to force their beliefs on others. Everyone has the right to access reproductive healthcare without facing harassment, stigmatizing language, and intolerant religious activity while entering an abortion clinic.


Saint Paul’s Church hosts the monthly Witness for Life mass and march to the clinic and our goal is to pressure the church to stop hosting this group of anti-abortion harassers.

Call (718) 624-3425 to let Saint Paul’s Church know that you want this group out of our neighborhood!

Get involved by joining our clinic defense actions outside of Saint Paul’s Church at 234 Congress Street on the second Saturday of every month. Follow us on social media for updates!