NYT Letter: A Serious Threat to Reproductive Rights

To the Editor:

Re “I Refused to Vote for Trump, but I’m Grateful for His Court Picks,” by Erika Bachiochi (Opinion guest essay, Dec. 9):

Ms. Bachiochi’s argument rests on a false dilemma: that we can either expand abortion access or build a robust safety net to support pregnant and parenting people.

The reproductive justice movement shows that it’s possible — and necessary — to advocate for both the right to end a pregnancy and to have a child, and to raise that child in a safe, healthy environment. The movement was born nearly three decades ago, when activists of color mobilized to expand a public reproductive rights discourse that largely centered on the needs of white middle-class women.

Ms. Bachiochi’s essay represents an ongoing strategy by the anti-abortion movement to reframe itself as pro-woman, even feminist. The rhetoric might be softer than the fire-and-brimstone condemnations coming from the movement’s more militant wings. But the ideology — birth at all costs — remains as oppressive as ever.

Megan Lessard
The writer is an organizer with New York City for Abortion Rights.