Beyond Roe v. Wade

On May 2nd, a leaked memo confirmed what reproductive rights organizers have been sounding the alarm about for years: the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Read in Spectre.

Letters: “On ‘Rehearsing Defeat'”

In a recent essay on the state of abortion and reproductive justice organizing, Arielle Angel bemoans a depressingly tame rally held at Foley Square the day after the leak of the Supreme Court memo, offering up a “fantasy in which leftists and liberals band together to suspend business as usual. Clinic defense, yes, but also, … Read more

Liberal Cities Are Not Immune to Mounting Attacks on Abortion Rights

An anti-abortion group that masquerades as progressive in an attempt to gain a following in liberal cities suddenly surged into mainstream news headlines this spring after the Washington Metro Police Department recovered five fetuses from the apartment of anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy. Read in Truthout.