How One Abortion Rights Group Protects Soho’s Only Abortion Clinic

Early one Saturday morning in July, a crowd begins to gather on the corner of Mott and Prince. Nearby stands the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, a neighborhood landmark that has recently become a local flashpoint in the battle for abortion rights. Inside the church, more than 100 members of the Archdiocese of New … Read more

A Fight to Defend Abortion in Brooklyn: Clinic Defense and New York City for Abortion Rights

Brooklyn, NY – When a group of Catholic anti-abortion extremists began protesting outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Brooklyn, a local pro-choice organization called New York City for Abortion Rights (NYCFAR) took to the streets and waged a grassroots campaign to defend open access to abortion without harassment. Read in Unicorn Riot.

Abortion Rights Activists Fight Back With Mutual Aid and Direct Action in 2022

It is difficult not to feel an overwhelming sense of defeat and fear for the year ahead in reproductive health and abortion rights as the Supreme Court deliberates on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case. Brought against Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which runs the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, this case could reshape abortion … Read more

“Pro Life”? That’s a Lie!

For too long, anti-abortion forces have claimed the label of “pro-life” while passing laws and encouraging actions that cause direct harm to people’s lives and bodies. As the right-wing assault on abortion access in the United States continues to escalate, organizers in New York City are fighting back and standing up for politics that center … Read more

Anti-Abortion Politics Are Far Right Politics

For over forty years, abortion clinics in the U.S. have served as a theater for right-wing spectacle, featuring pickets, religious processions, arson, and even murder. Megan Lessard describes the history of the anti-abortion movement in the U.S. and explains that it is an important part of the growing threat posed by the far right. Read in … Read more