“Pro Life”? That’s a Lie!

For too long, anti-abortion forces have claimed the label of “pro-life” while passing laws and encouraging actions that cause direct harm to people’s lives and bodies. As the right-wing assault on abortion access in the United States continues to escalate, organizers in New York City are fighting back and standing up for politics that center … Read more

Statement on NYPD Arrests at the August 14 Pro-Abortion Protest in Brooklyn

On August 14 in Cobble Hill, the NYPD sent its militarized Strategic Response Group to crack down on a protest opposing harassment at the nearby Planned Parenthood. Last Saturday, NYC for Abortion Rights counterprotested the Archdiocese of New York’s “Witness for Life” at St. Paul and St. Agnes. The Strategic Response Group arrested two of … Read more

FTP Is Repro Justice

The recent and highly publicized killing of George Floyd has evoked mass social protests against racist policing. We understand racist police violence to be a permanent feature of police as we know it. We understand that gendered police violence, both sexual and domestic, are also a permanent feature.

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